Top 5 Ad Platforms for Affiliate Marketers

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

There are a ton of add platforms out there with several avenues of traffic; it can be hard to pick sometimes. I will be breaking down my top ad platforms forms off of a few set criteria.

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  1. Price vs Traffic Turn-over

  2. Capability to Target a Specific Audience

  3. Available Ad Formats

Making the decision to spend your hard earned cash on marketing a product is a huge step in the affiliate marketing world. Now with spending that money, you want the most bang for your buck to turnover an actual profit. I'm here to to give you that answer.

If you would rather watch this information in video form, I have this information on my youtube channel here. I cover all the same content covered in this post.


5. ExoClick

ExoClick is a website with a very specific traffic type. ExoClick is going to work really well with adult promotional products. I know that marketing some of the more adult offers can feel a little weird but my god are they profitable. This ad platform has adult websites are their primary traffic source.

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This is a screen shot of all of the available target categories on ExoClick. I had to blur a few of them out because of their sexual nature. The categories you select have a preset list of websites that correspond with that category, this is were your advertisement will be placed.

Ad by exoclick, exoclick, exoclick requirements, exoclick conversion tracking

You can target specific locations as well to ensure your ad is going to a country that speak that language you ad is written in.

The one problem I do have with ExoClick is their 20 dollar minimum daily budget. When I first started there was no way you could get me to spend 20 dollars a day on an ad, for that reason I would not recommend for a beginner.

On the platform you can run banner ads, push notifications, native ads, popunders, and video ads. This a pretty decent selection but I would recommend going with the push notification or the banner ad feature for more effective turnover.


4. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest ads are really great and are exceptional with certain promotions so do not be thrown by it's placement in forth. Pinterest ads are very beginner friendly and have loads of features to assure you that your ad will be hitting the correct target audience.

Pinterest is a platform build for web-surfing. Most pins have website attachments taking users to another website. This is really great for CPC or EPC offers (check our previous blog on affiliate language for more information). If you have a "pinterestable" product that is a CPC offer, this is the platform form you.

Targeting an audience on Pinterest can get real specific. You can target you audience by selecting a few of the 24 main categories or by choosing a couple of their hundreds of subcategories.

Pinterest ad spec, pinterest ad on, pinterest ad cost

This is a screenshot of the "Interest and Keywords" section of the ad process. The numbers off to the side of each category is the amount of subcategories in that field of interest. The more popular the topic the more subcategories it will more than likely have.

Pinterest has the ability to take targeting an additional step further because of the information that has to be filed out to join the platform. Pinterest allows you to target a specific demographic in addition to someones interests.

Pinterest ad cost, pinterest add on, pinterest ad specs

This is an example from an ad I ran with a CPC offer and was able to target specific genders, age ranges, locations, languages, and even the device users were viewing the platform from. Would of advice when choosing you location, only around 50% of Pinterest users live in the United States so target additional english speaking countries (if the offer extends that grace).

The ad is only in one format. Your will appear on the screen as pin and will blend in with the users feed. Make sure the ad stands out and looks pretty because that matter on this platform.


3. Propeller Ads

Propeller ads is excellent no matter which side of the marketing side you are on. Wether you want to start making money off of your own website or run a paid advertisement, this platform is perfect.

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Propeller runs three primary ad formats and two primary traffic sources.

The two traffic options are either propeller ad or broker (which is a selected third party, recommended for scaling up a promotion)

Propeller ad cost, Affiliate marketing propeller ad, propeller ad how to

You can target specific countries, states, and even cities.

You select the type of device it appears on.

It even has and option to collect audience engagement for retargeting.

I would like to point out this ad platform does also have a daily minimum CPA of 30 dollars. I know that can sound like a lot but one day is truly all you would need for this ad platform. The ability to target on this platform has allowed me profits day one of the campaign.


2. Google Ads

You thought this was going to be number one didn't you? Google ads is great, we all know that. There are a few limitations to this ad platform that have bumped it down to number two.

For starters, the google ads platform is entirely "unexplorable" until you launch your first campaign. This is a little irritating to me because there are so many awesome features to this platform that someone starting out has no access to.

google ads, google ads cost, google ad marketing

Google knows how to run a mean ad. The platform is effective in identifying search topics that correlate with your ad based off of the words entered in the "keyword themes" option. Google holds you hand and actually suggests effective keywords to use to fit SEO standards.

This platform does a great job of encompassing any budget type and will let you start with a dollar.

google ads, google ads cost, google ad marketing

Targeting specific locations is incredible with google ads. You can target countries, regions, states, cities, and even certain counties.

If you know you audience and you know them well, google ads is were should go. The platform it outstanding with genuinely any offer type.


1. Microsoft Ads

Microsoft is a remarkable ad platform and draws strong similarity to google ads. One could argue they are virtually the same just owned by different corporations.

The reason Microsoft takes the spot at number one comes down to saturation of the ad platform. In the year 2020 Google did 146.92 billion in payed advertisements through their platform. Microsoft had a 8.53 billion dollars in payed advertisements the same year.

You have a better chance of your ad reaching full potential because the market place is not as crowded.

Microsoft ads, Microsoft marketing, Microsoft ad cost

Microsoft lets you start running ads with any amount, they're extremely budget friendly.

You can target countries, regions, counties, and cities. Certain promotion can target specific sites. I have not explored this feature too too much but love everything about this platform.

Conversion rates have been a little high higher percentage with Microsoft in comparison with Google Ads.

I would highly encourage you you to check out this platform yourself. Microsoft's ad platform is perfect for seriously any offer type. Only word of advise: have a landing page.


Ultimately, your journey in affiliate marketing will lead you to this stage. Running a paid advertisement is typically is a really big step. The moment you decided to spend your money on affiliate marketing, so congratulation.

Even if you are still not sure if paid ads are the way for you, think on it. The next time you have a little extra something come in, I would ask you consider putting it to affiliate marketing. It's completely changed my life and I would for the same thing to happen for you.

If you want another run through of this information, check out my youtube video on this topic here.

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