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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Marketing places are a tough one. You want the marketplace to have good promotional products that also has a lower number of marketers promoting. This is going to reduce the amount of saturation in the product itself. This is no easy task but here are my top 5 affiliate marketplaces.

It's important to know that this list will NOT include ClickBank, Mobidea, and other platforms that have this level of market saturation.

For the sweet and condensed version or if you'd rather watch this information check out our video here.


1. Partner Stack

Choosing the platform to put first on this list was not a hard decision. PartnerStack is an amazing platform so allow me to give you the run down.

- Product Type: Computer Software/App

- Typical Offer Type: CPL

- Average Commission: 20%

- PreApproval for Platform: No

- PreApproval for Product: Most

- Bonus: In Platform Click Tracking

Partner Stack is very beginner friendly and I would not focus on the pre-approval element to this marketplace. I started my journey with Partner Stack and have not once been rejected. I had absolutely no experience at the time and was still approved. This is my reasoning for this platform taking the spot in first.

On top of their average commission hanging around the 20% margin, a majority of the products have stated reoccurring commissions. The products, I myself have worked with on this platform, have had a state reoccurring commission for the first year. This means once you drive your original campaign, that product campaign will continue to work for you (how ever long the affiliate agreement says). It's a wonderful offer and it makes putting in the work a little bit more worth the time, but it's an offer type that appears to be limited to PartnerStack.

Affiliate marking deal through Partner Stack. Partner Stack review blog

Here a screen shot from my dashboard showing how the offer would appear to you. It's a wonderful and I hope you'll give it a try.


2. CJ

CJ is a remarkable affiliate market place. The biggest difference in CJ's market place form all the others, is that some of the biggest brands in the world come to find their marketers here. Let me give you the run down before I get too ahead of my self.

- Product Type: Website/Website Traffic

- Typical Offer Type: EPC

- Average Commission: 8% - 10%

- PreApproval for Platform: No

- PreApproval for Product: Yes

- Bonus: Major Corporations on the Platform

I prefer the offer types on this platform over any-other! EPCs can be very profitable campaigns and do not typical require a whole lot of work to promote. The commission rates are quite a bit lower than the previous platform but these are well known companies, which means, there tends to be a large amount volume from their current customer base involved in the running campaign.

Now the unfortunate thing is that this platform is accessible by anyone but to get specific offers, they require individual applications. I would be lying to you if I told you it was easy to get offers. I got 12 rejection before I got my first approval on a campaign through this platform but it was entirely worth it.

Affiliate marking deals on CJ affiliate market place. review on CJ affiliates.

Here is a screen shot from my dashboard of some companies I have applied to work with this the past month and half.

Like I said, major companies such as Nike, Ray-Ban, and Michaels find their marketer here. It is no easy feat getting approved but these are going to be the best offers and the least amount of saturation.


3. Zeydoo

This was tough one to put on the list because of its more recent popularity but it still has some really good qualities about it that I believe are worth pointing out.

- Product Type: Give-Aways/Sweepstakes/General Surveys

- Typical Offer Type: CPI, CPL, CPE, and CPC

- Average Commission: $0.015 - $3

- PreApproval for Platform: No

- PreApproval for Product: Some

- Bonus: Most offers have specified territories

In the world of affiliate marketing, Zeydoo can have some of the more scammy feeling campaigns. Make no mistake, these are very legitimate campaigns. If you want be running sweepstakes and give-aways, this is the perfect platform for you.

Some products require pre-approval and in platform success with another campaigns before you get approved. There is no need to worry. Out of all the platforms and market places I've used, I have receive LESS rejection letters from this market place than any other.

affiliate marketing offers on zeydoo. Zeydoo review blog.

If you are a marketer out there looking for exclusivity when it comes to what you marketing, Zeydoo could be a good fit. If you do go with market place, take this advice.

Apply to offers under the "Exclusive" tab right next to the box that says "My offers" and search through that list. Here is a screen shot of my dashboard to try and help.


4. Amazon Affiliate

All affiliate marketers love amazon affiliate and there is a reason. Amazon's affiliate program easy to get in the have an endless amount of product to promote. You know the drill, let's break it down.

- Product Type: Physical/Digital Products

- Typical Offer Type: CPS

- Average Commission: 3% - 8%

- PreApproval for Platform: Yes

- PreApproval for Product: No

- Bonus: Amazon affiliate works anywhere in the world

Let's start with the good. You have the option to choose whatever product you want to fit your niche, you get the affiliate link, and you put that link wherever you want. Now of course their are tons of strategies out their that can make you some REALLY good money but that's not why we are here.

Let's talk about the bad. Amazon has one of the lowest commission rates out there and you have to finish the selling of a product to make any money. For some people this is no problem, they know their audience and they know what they want.

Affiliate marketing commission percentages for Amazon affiliate. Affiliate market with amazon.

The reason amazon affiliate made the list despite the current market place saturation is that with the amount of products on the website, it is very hard (not impossible) to have an over promoted item/product.


5. ClickFunnel Affiliates

This platform made the list for a very different reason. ClickFunnel is an interesting platform so let us break it down.

- Product Type: Digital Products

- Typical Offer Type: CPS & CPC

- Average Commission: 40%

- PreApproval for Platform: No

- PreApproval for Product: No

- Bonus: Life-time reoccurring revenue

ClickFunnel is the odd bird of the affiliate marketplaces. As the name states, their approach to marketing is all about setting up sales funnels. They have guides on how to do it, for free. If this is your thing, there is a lot of money to be made. With an average commission of 40% and a life-time reoccurring revenue stream it sounds perfect!

Affiliate marketing with ClickFunnels. blog review of click funnels affiliate.

I will caution with this, funnels are extremely difficult to set up and you typically have a very thick email list. If you REALLY want to take this approach, this is the best marketplace. Funnels are lot but are also the oldest trick in the book with largest profit margins.


Wrap It Up

If you have made it this far, you must have some sort of interest in affiliate market. Maybe you need someone to tell you to get it moving or maybe you've been doing this a while and are starting to stagnate in success.

Whatever the case may be, I hope you will take the sign you need.

I devote my time to this blog, my youtube channel, and the forums. If have any question or want to learn more I have a youtube video up right now on this very topic. I cover more than what what in here, and I hope you'll check it out if you have not already. I also encourage you to take a look around the site, never know what you'll find.

Best Gainz,


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