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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Getting into affiliate marketing can be tough at first with language such as CPI, EPC, CPC, CPL, etc. Understand what these "codes" mean are crucial to your success in affiliate marketing. I want to break down that language for you so you know which product is worth you time.

Disclaimer: I will not be covering every marketing term under the sun. There is a boat-load of information out there and we are covering the basics here, you can learn the rest later.

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The "CP" stands for that same thing in every situation you will come across them in the affiliate marketing realm. It stands for "cost per...". Now, depending on which part of the process in marketing a product you are in, can depend who it will cost.


Similar to our previous, "EP" stands for "earnings per...". You will only really come across these codes in the actual affiliate market place.



CPC stands for "cost per click" and are typical with offers trying to bring traffic to a particular site. If you are thinking about running a paid promotion this is very important to you because this will be the price per however many clicks.

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All platforms will have a budget to help run the ad efficiently. I recommend RichAds or PropellerAds they have some of the lowest CPCs and good platforms for promoting any product.



CPA stands for "cost per action" and is with offers typically trying into bring on more traffic. Similar in meaning to CPC, CPA offers can be seen quite often in the affiliate market place.

Affiliate marketing CPA offer. Affiliate language school. marketing

In my experience these are the more profitable campaigns despite there lower payout rates. These offers require that you sell nothing, all you have to do is get someone to click on it to get payed. Now, some offers have a specific actions that have to be taken in order for you to be paid, so make sure you give the offer a good look over.



CPL stands for "cost per lead" and is going to be with sweepstakes and give-away offers. The goal for them is to get information. Typically they want emails, so they can later run more promotions on their end.

Affiliate marketing CPL offer. Affiliate marketing language school.
CPL Offer From Zeydoo

Though CPL offers require a bit more engagement from our promotional audience, these offers tend to be quite profitable. I would avoid sweepstakes and focus on give-aways for larger profit margins.



CPI stands for "cost per installment" and is going to typically be for digital softwares and app promotions. I've seen this in the affiliate marketplaces and its used to describe the rate of earns you receive per that installment.

Affiliate marketing offer from Zeydoo. CPI affiliate offer. Affiliate language School
CPI Offer From Zeydoo

On the matter of how successful these campaigns are, not all that great. You have got to have a really good product and specific audience. I know people who have had great success with these offer types so don't let me ran on your parade if this peaks your interest.


CPI can also mean "cost per impression" and is only used on ad platforms. If you are wanting to run ads for a product, this is very relevant. If you are not, just stick with the first definition

Affiliate marketing pinterest ad. affiliate language school
Pinterest Ad Example

Pinterest charges per impression to run an ad on their platform. It was very cost efficient and allows you to target very specific audiences.



EPC stands for "earning per click" and is with offers trying to bring on traffic to a specific website. I saved this for last because it can be confusing. EPC and CPC are used interchangeably. EPC is not a common but I wanted you to know. These offers are the bread winner in my past experience.


Wrap It Up

I hope I have increased you knowledge on some aspects affiliate marketing world. It can be a lot of information when you first start out but I would encourage you to keep pushing through.

If you would rather watch this information, I have a YOUTUBE VIDEO on this topic as well. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or take a look around, you might just find the answer.

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