Membership Policies

We encourage you to participate in the community this website has to offer. As a matter of fact that is the entire goal!
But we must take safety precautions to protect our community. 
The three document below are the standards at which you and you posts will held to. It's nothing supper uptight, just wanting to keep it G.

Terms of Use

- Engaging in the forum must be on the the appropriate topic.
- Zero tolerance of any explicit language in forum post and/or comments.
- Absolutely no bullying.


Privacy Policy

- All information in regards to personal accounts are held privately.
- The only public display of information is the name on the account.
- New joining members will only be added to my personal email list.

Code of Conduct

- Any member in direct violation with stated policies in the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use will be removed from the website and all member attachments.

- Explicit language will be judged by only domain owner

- Domain owner reserves the right entirely to administer warnings or bane account who are in violation of these terms.


Huntsville, AL

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